Friday, 12 August 2011

Kibworth Post Mill

If you look at Frank Bingley’s blog about painting,’ en plein air’ at Kibworth Post Mill you will realise what a great evening out for Club members it was. A little disappointing that only four of us turned up and one hopes for more next time. We were joined by two non-members that had read about the event on the website.

The last time we met, in July, the demonstrator couldn’t come because there had been a sudden family problem for him.  We were indebted to two visitors who rescued the evening by bringing a video by Tim Fisher.  He was showing how to  paint in the open air using coloured pencils, colour sticks and ink pens that bleed when touched with a water carrying brush.  Since I had all of the equipment he was using I decided I would try his technique when painting at Kibworth Post Mill.
I have added the painting here, still on my board, to show my effort in the two hours we had. And if you look carefully you can see Frank!

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  1. Don't be too disappointed at the low turnout Ken, as not many other members knew about this activity in time to attend. All those present had a brilliant evening painting, including the two non-members who actually attended by invitation.

    Your painting here accurately follows the method used in the video tutorial, and is a lovely fluid piece of work.

    Here's looking forward to the next outing. How do you fancy painting outdoors in the cold weather (fingerless mittens and overcoat to boot naturally)!