Tuesday, 10 May 2016

A Fabulous Evening!

Generous with their knowledge, inspiration, advice, and stories MHAC members made appraisal night very enjoyable. Just a few topics included: Ken's painting experience with Terry Harris, David's mark making abstracts which have been accepted into the Alfred East Gallery, Cornelia's watercolour of the Naseby monument with history and painting strategy, Alan's awesome New Zealand water colour, Lynda's extended pictures into the frames, Francis limited colour acrylic painting, and Frank's 'impact portraits'. Everyone was amazed and marvelled at the quantity and quality of his portraits. He recommended that we all take a look at Julia Kay's portrait party on Flickr.

The star of the evening and the 'one to watch,' is our latest and youngest member Eden Coe. At sixteen her work has featured in the Leicester Open 27 exhibition. She shared her thoughts and creative process with the group. The 'pears/pairs' work intrigued us all.

Thank you to all participating members and guests for making it such an informative and enjoyable evening. No more dreary paintings for me; ideas, response and translate! 


  1. Great post Jane. Also, you are too modest to mention your lovely still life painting with the irregular cup that got us all thinking!
    The evening was a great success, and showed what a talented group of artists we have.

  2. Thanks Jane. A wonderful summary but as Frank says you missed out your valuable contribution. Ken