Tuesday 28 February 2012


As our speaker did not turn up at our last meeting, vice-chairman David quickly organised an impromptu workshop, where we were each given a sheet of paper and some artists leaflets and asked to create an abstraction of the artist's work. We were more or less left to our own idea of what constitutes an 'abstraction', other than it should be something very simple based on the original work.

As I feel that art itself is for the most part an abstraction from life, I decided to do an abstraction of a photograph of the artist; well two actually as, these were speedy sketches!

Andrej Kahn was really just a straight sketch of the artist in biro and probably not really anything like what an 'abstraction' should be, but most of us were working in the dark here.

At this point I had a rethink, and set about my interpretation of 'abstraction' with the second drawing of Marc Chagall. This I think is was the very minimum I could bring the photograph down to without losing a likeness for the character, though I know that some talented artists can do just a couple of squiggles and it looks like the subject!

Well, I think we learned something from the evening, even if our speaker didn't turn up, and most of us got some enjoyment from it.