Sunday, 26 February 2017

Surprise photographs

Many thanks to Michael Edwards for leading this fun and useful evening session. The serious side of this activity was to help MHAC members and visitors loosen up their style of painting. Most worked in water colour, but you can also use other mediums.

The Technique

Place a number of photographs on a table so that they face downwards.

Use a mount to draw a rectangle on the painting surface. It should be the same size as the photograph (6 x 4 inches, 15 x 10 cm).

Select a photograph and put it upside down on the easle. Time 15 minutes.

Disassociate the brain by spending 10 minutes on concentrating on putting in ‘the shapes.’

In the last 5 minutes put the photograph the right side up and apply the details to the painting.

Amazing pictures and done in 15 minutes! Now I can understand how you can do a daily painting.