Sunday, 27 January 2019

A watercolour workshop with Michael Edwards

Michael guided the art club members through watercolour washes for beginners. As a beginner it was perfect combination of demonstration, and instruction, far easier than following a book and DIY.  Looking around the room I could see the experience water-colourists’ also benefited.

We were gently guided through:
1.   Background wash
2.   Foreground grass
3.   Removing hard edges, branches and twigs
4.   Direction of the light, and tones
5.   Finishing, making additional statements

Creative but not constrained as the members of the group were allowed to choose and develop their own work. Had I had been taught watercolour by Michael before my art may have taken a different direction. Having said that I will apply what I have learnt to my sketchbook work.

A big thank to you Michael.