Sunday 13 May 2012

Simple Step-by-step Guide to Posting a Blog

Publishing a post on our blog is very simple, and this post aims to show you how in easy step-by-step stages.

First of all, you need to have 'contributor' status - just ask me at the next meeting or email at the club, and I'll send you an invite. Just follow the instructions in the email and click 'accept' and you will be up and running.

To create your first post, navigate to our blog pages ( ) and click on the orange 'B' in the top left-hand corner (fig.1).
This will bring you to the dashboard page that lists all the blogs you can contribute to. You will probably only see the club's blog if you need this tutorial. Next click on the new post icon (orange pencil in fig2.) This will bring up the post editor, where the first thing you need to do is enter the title (1 in fig.3). Now you are ready to type your article in the large box (2 in fig.3)


You use can any of the tools in the toolbar across the top of the editor to format your text, or if you prefer, use your usual text editor/word processor and just paste it here. To add an image or photo, click on the little picture icon (after the 'link' button in the toolbar). Now you need to tell the editor where to get the image from, by selecting from the list on the left, or upload from your computer by selecting the 'choose files' button  to the right.

Once you've uploaded your image(s), select the one(s) you want so they have a thick blue border around them, then click on 'add selected' at the bottom right. They will now appear in your blog post, where you can drag them to where you need them or add a caption.

Don't forget to spell check your post by clicking on the ABC icon in the toolbar. You can preview your post before publishing by using the 'preview' button along the top of the page. This will show the post in another tab, if you are happy with it, close the tab, and then click on the 'publish' button highlighted in orange.
Your post will now appear along with the others in our blog.