Saturday, 1 December 2018

Christmas Painting

Our art club met for the last time in 2018 with an informal painting session. We were spurred on by a quiet, relaxed atmosphere and an unhealthy supply of the most sumptuous mince pies, provided by Ken in celebration of Christmas!

 Archie produced this fabulous landscape in next to no time, while Frank got lost in the detail of this classic car. Jane was very much taken by a blackbird she'd spied eating the berries on a pyracantha on the hedge next door and proceeded to sketch it.

Ken was very much in seasonal mode with his painting of a church in the snow and Leslie went into illustration mode sketching a buddha's head ready for a painting.

Lynda surprised us all when she got out her knitting needles and started to Knit, then amazed us by producing these three bespoke Christmas cards!

On the whole, the evening showed what true diversity our members have when it comes to art.