Saturday 20 April 2013

Computer Generated Art

computer generated art

I have used the ASKetch app imported from iTunes
 to produce the orchid sketch. below This app is very good for line sketching and tonal input too, on my iPad.

The abstract has been drawn using  ArtRage. This app allows you to use different tools and colours and most excitingly you can fill in sections of your choosing, which is how the abstract shape has many exact colour infills. Thank goodness I have my 11 year old grandson Matthew to help me put it all on line.

I have also used the"Brushes"app, that David Hockney uses. Each app is differs from the other and how to use them too. I can't give a tutorial for each. What I did, was to go to Google search and ask for tutorials. There is plenty of advice out there but it is like looking at art books on how to paint, you really have to have a go and develop you own knowledge.
Have fun!