Saturday 27 February 2021

We Go Facebook

Famous Painting with a Twist
Famous Painting with a Twist - Frank Bingley (Seurat)

    With so many months of lockdown during the Corona Virus pandemic and no meetings, something had to be done, so during a socially distanced committee meeting in the chairman's rear garden, it was agreed that our club would go digital for the time being in the form of a Facebook page.   

   Members started to post work that they had been doing at home on Facebook, which was such a relief that we as a group were now communicating with each other again at last! During August 2020, we saw no reason why our scheduled en plein air event in Welland Park could not go ahead, providing we kept a safe distance apart. However, only a few of us turned up, which was a little disappointing.

    In January 2021, one of our members posted their painting of the "Breakfast Table" (a competition that we had missed) and it turned out that one or two of us had done a painting for this, so others started to post theirs on Facebook as a competition. There was no clear winner. 

Breakfast Table
Breakfast Table - Sally Struszkowski

    Looking at our suspended programme for 2021, we decided to go ahead with our "Famous Painting With A Twist" competition online, but not as a competition, but as a group exercise.

    Now with a third and prolonged lockdown, it became clear that we weren't going to be able to resume any of our planned meetings set out in our 2020/2021 programme, so it was decided that we should have a painting topic for each month. Each member would be called upon to suggest a topic, and Frank started the ball rolling with the topic "Blue" for February.

February Topic "Blue" - Several artist's work

    Whilst Facebook is second best to actually meeting socially together in the form of monthly meetings, at least we are connecting with each other and the take-up of our monthly challenge has been good and enjoyable to all.

    Ken has suggested Spring Flowers" as the topic for March, so it will be interesting to see what we all come up with for that.

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